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Posted by Antonio Lopez-Bertucci on 17 JUN 2012 20:8:52

I recently became very interested in my mothers side of the family-BERTUCCI. Her Father was Robert Knolan Bertucci Jr, grandson of Peter Bertucci from NO. Researching that part of the family really urged me to take action to add an extended last name, thus Lopez-Bertucci. However i do have cousins with the surname of Bertucci, and i will be informing of the Unique Migration this Great family took to America. I have made plans for the distant future to move to Ustica Palermo (Ive made up my mine to leave the US and dont want to move to my fathers homeland of Nicaragua lol). I am having a problem though, one i cant find any Bertucci woman to marry that are so closely related, hahahaha. No but my problem is i cant find the father and mother of Giovanni Bertucci (1724-1827), this is really holding me back from finding the deeper history of our Family....If you have any information i would appreciate it a lot..

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