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Posted by Terran Najolia on 15 JUL 2012 10:44:13

I am a 40 yr. young woman whom didn't know the Najolia (father's) side of my family at all, but have ALWAYS been so very intreeged from just exactally made me who I am, because I DO HAVE A LOT OF ITAILAN IN ME... Funny thing because I wasn't raised around any Itailians. I talk with my hands, I even have that strong Italian look, dark eyes, dark curly hair, dark complextion. So needless to say, when I found the ( I was OVER THE TOP EXCITED:) So no Please don't think this is the last chapter.. Or the End.... ITS JUST THE BEGINNING..... AT LEAST FOR ME & MY FAMILY AND MY 4 SISTERS & THEIR KIDS. :) THANK YOU

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