Re: sons of Ustica become soldiers of the Old South

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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 13 APR 2004 02:22:41

Christopher Ingargiolia's wife, Anna Bertucci was my grandfather's, (Antonino) sister. Unfortunately, there is a missing written account of how his wife and his sister,(Francesca who also was married to a sailor, Antonino Gumina) came to this country. Both husbands were in New Orleans, and they decided to surprise the two husbands. This account also said that Christopher worked on an English vess el.
His sister Francesca, who was married to A. Gumina had a daughter, Rosalia who married Antonino Bertucci, my grandfather, one of 4 Bertucci brothers of Anna Bertucci. A few months after they arrived here, two of them died in the yellow fever epidemic. They lived with Christopher and Anna near the Dryades Market. I found their deaths at a Baton Rouge library with their address and Christoph er signing the death certificate.
The reason that these Bertucci boys came to New Orleans was because of their mother's fear that they would be killed serving with Girabaldi inthe war for the Uni fication of Italy. That is an interesting story. Anna and Christopher were to take care of them. Their mother had planned to come to New Orleans but upon receiving the news that her two sons had died of Yellow Fever, she did not want to come to America.
Christopher's brother Antonino Ingargiola retained the original name and has decendents still living on Pine near Spruce. One of these decend ents heard the same story of how the boat load of young boys escaped in a ship, some were dressed as girls. I found the ship with the names of the boys at the library. When they first arrived they lived near the Dryades St. market and baptisms and marriages were at St. John the Baptist Church. In the latter part of the 19th century they all bought large pieces of land around Broadway, Audubon,and Pine between Sycamore and Oak.

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