Re: need help exploring by grandmothers family

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Posted by Bill Principe on 24 JAN 2013 20:15:56

I did a quick search on the genealogy page here at, and I _may_ have found your family. realize what a goldmine all of us usticesi (Italians of Ustica descent) have in this web site. The site contains almost the entire genealogical history of Ustica. I know of no other community in the _world_ with such a complete database. That's not to say it is fully complete and error free, but it is damn close. You may thank Chris Caravello for the amazing job he has done compiling all this information. of this page, then click on "P" and then on "Palmisano" to get the Palmisano family records. The entry I found that may be your family is about 2/3 down. Search for "May m. 30-Jun-1919 Jefferson Parish, LA Frank DiSalvo" mother was Concetta Orsino, whose married name would have been Concetta Palmisano after she married Vincenzo Palmisano. aligned below May would of course be her siblings. Do you remember any aunts or uncles or cousins with those names? family, you may still find them on the Palmisano page. But I'll bet that's them.

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