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Posted by Al Schweikert on 14 MAY 2014 15:50:45

My guess on the DNA in Ustica. In 1544 Red Beard the Turkish pirate or Barbarossa attacked Lipari and killed everyone on the island as was standard practice during those times. King Charlemagne in Spain and Emperor of Europe decided he needed to resettle Lipari for military reasons. He had some groups in Spain causing problems, including Basque, and he rounded them up, put them on a ship and repopulated Lipari. 90 people from the island of Lipari. They brought with them the patron saint of Lipari, Bartholomew the Apostle, who became the patron saint of Ustica as well. During the mid 1940's prisoners taken by Mussolini in Yugoslovia were also left on the island. In the mid- to late 19th century and early 20th century, as the population of the island grew too large, hundreds of Ustican families emigrated to the New Orleans. The DNA make-up of Ustica is essentially the same as Lipari; which can be primarily Greek/Italian 60% followed by large amounts of MidEast (25%)(Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi) and Spanish (15-20%). You will also find traces of African, Jewish, India, maybe British/Irish and Turkish.

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