Re: Bark Elizabetta questions and more

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 28 MAR 2014 14:59:56

Hi Wendy, You really packed a lot in that message! I have been fascinated by your relatives because they came here so early. Unfortunately records are scarce that would help answer a lot of your questions about who's who on the ship lists and such. It's mostly just a matter of conjecture and you've done as good a job as anyone else could in putting the pieces together. A Bark seems to be an English translation of the Italian word Barca which means boat. I don't think it's any special type of ship. The voyage would have taken about a month. I do not have easy access to California records and that explains why some of the family is sparse. If you email me some information, I will fill in the rest. Some of the Sciacchitano family moved from Ustica to Altofonte (Parco) in Sicily before coming to the US. One day I'll look up those records and see if that helps connect more of the family. Hope you have great get-together this weekend.

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