Re: Gamino (Gumina) Family of NOLA and Ustica

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Posted by Larie Tedesco on 12 MAR 2016 6:36:43

Becky, I am connected to (by the website) two different Gumina families. Maria Christina that married Giuseppa Gumina, son of Angelo and Giuseppa Basile Gumina, was my paternal grandmothers sister, Rosa Christina that married Salvatore Tedesco. Navarro, born in Termini Imerese, Sicily in 1885. They were married in NOLA in 1913 and someone told me they went back to Termini Imerese to live. She did come back to the US to visit years later and it was in the newspaper (I will check again to see if I can find it. She was my grandparents godchild. I have a picture of her given to my grandparents. Gumina connection is separate from above in website. Tedesco, my paternal grandfather's 1/2 brother's second marriage was to Marianna Gumina, daughter of Giuseppe Gumina and Rosa Palmisano. Salvatore's half sister and Giuseppe's full sister's 2nd marriage was to Antonino Gumina, brother of Marianna Gumina that Married Giuseppe Tedesco. Any information you can give me also would be appreciated. My email address is

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