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Posted by Lee Bertucci on 19 MAR 2017 19:18:31

Dear Amy, and Maria Bertucci generation, my Great, Great Grandparents, both came from Ustica, Italy and immigrated to New Orleans,USA in 1867 . Around 1880, the family migrated to California, San Francisco and Santa Clara areas. By 1995, the remainder of the family moved to Gardnerville/Reno area where we now reside. Of the six generations that lived in San Jose, the last three live here. I don't have any data for Gary Peter Bertucci, but I can refer you to some sources that may help you. The is a great start, maybe try the also. If you have any other questions, I'll try and answer them for you. Bertucci name has been in the Bay Area for along time, we're probably related, good luck!

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