The Ustica Connection

Newsletter of the Congregazione di San Bartolomeo Apostolo

The Ustica Connection is all about connections - those ties that bind our rich local heritage with Ustica, the homeland of our ancestors.  Through the Society newsletter, we aim to rediscover and communicate the contributions of the Usticese-American community to American culture and history.   The Society newsletter is published and e-mailed to members preceding events.

Choose from our catalog of past newsletters:

  1. Claiming Louie: Louis Prima's Italian Heritage
    1. Supporting Documentation
  2. Commander's Palace: A Camarda Family Legacy
    1. Supporting Documentation
  3. Name Changes: Ustica to America
  4. To Ustica . . . And Beyond
  5. Usticesi in the United States Civil War
  6. Banner Restoration Project
  7. On This Day ... 74 Years Ago
  8. Our 125th Anniversary
  9. The Society's Early Years
    1. Full text of newspaper articles
  10. The Society Tomb
  11. Analysis of the Marriage Registers of St Anthony's Chapel and What It Reveals About the Composition of the 19th Century Italian Immigrant Community of New Orleans
  12. 1915 Membership Roster of the Congregazione di San Bartolomeo Apostolo, New Orleans, La.
    1. 1915 compilation of corporate documents (in Italian)
    2. Official 1879 incorporation (with signatures)
    3. Official 1904 re-incorporation (with signatures)
  13. Usticesi Given Names
  14. The Usticesi in Naples
    1. List of Usticesi living in Naples
  15. John J. Bertucci, Another Musician of Ustican Origin
    1. Photo of the Gulport Band circa 1915 submitted by CSBA member, Margaret Powell

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