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Posted by Angelo Bertucci on 21 MAY 2002 22:49:09


This is great. Just received the UGH 21-May-02 update that listed additional information on my family.As you know I╦ve been working on my family tree since I retired last year. Your site has been a blessing.I see my Ustica Marina picture is part of the Centro Studi website.Didn╦t know what I had when I sent that picture to Shirley Barbara and she put it on her web site.Along with your site, Shirley and Patricia Ledet, two new cousins, have been great help.

I am planning two trips this year.On June 6th I will be visiting my mother Angelina, Picone, Bertucci and returning on the 16th.Most of my family, Picone, Palmisano, Rando, Basile, Maggiore to name few lives in the New Orleans area. Big Grandma Palmisano was my Grandmother on my Mothers side, so you know I have a lot of relatives.I lived on Grandpa Dub Picone╦s farm during the 40╦s.

My second trip will be in October.My brother and I will be visiting Ustica for a week. This will be a trip that I never thou ght I would take.Since working on my family tree and using your web site to find my Ustica family convinced me that it was time.

Just last month my sister found Birth, Marriage and Naturalization papers for my Grandparents Bertucci.

Looking forward to seeing my family again and visiting with Shirley and Patricia. I hope you and I can connect while I╦m in New Orleans.

Ciao -

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