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Posted by Chris Caravella on 18 JUL 2012 12:29:49


This is the 3rd president's message for 2012.   A board meeting was held on June 11th with the primary focus being the upcoming feast day celebration.   Notices for the feast day celebration will be emailed to CSBA members late next week which will give everyone about a month to make any necessary arrangements.   The date is Sunday, August 26th with 11 am mass at Holy Rosary followed by lunch at Redemption.   Looks like we'll get to spend the entire day in church as the restaurant is in an old church too (formerly Christian's).   Details will also be posted at the CSBA website on Ustica.org.

There were no new members since my last message.   10 death notices from the Times-Picayune have been incorporated into the UGH since my last message.   You can find them quickly by clicking on the "Change Reports" at the UGH and searching for the 2012 death dates.

There has been a new release of myCSBA out there for some time but I haven't "socialized" it because I figured I'd wait till this posting and that would give us more time to make sure that everyone's membership information was properly entered into the system.   The big new feature is the "View Profile" button.   CSBA members can now click on that button and see their service record to determine if it's time to renew their dues.   Active members can also change some of their profile information like home and email address.   As you may have noticed, we are not aggressively enforcing membership status.   We felt that this was unwarranted until we could get a handle on managing the process better.   The "View Profile" button is a great step in that direction so members please give it a try and let us know if there are any problems.

You'll also notice on the myCSBA page there is a new feature that is "Coming August 24th!".   The COUSINATOR is a cool new program that will produce a report listing how a member is related to other CSBA members.   You can read the instructional guide now by clicking on the "How it works!" icon.   As a special treat at the feast day celebration, all members in attendance will be given a copy of their COUSINATOR report.   It is amazing to be able see how inter-related we all truly are.   I know I have been promising to do a webcast, so I will work on trying to get that set up for that same weekend so we can share our feast day good will with a broader audience.   Also recall that we will be offering bags of Ustica Lentils as door prizes for the celebration AND some will also be won by members not in attendance.   It promises to be a great weekend!

Keeping with this theme of new announcements, - FINALLY - PayPal has been added to the CSBA membership page.   Sorry for the looooong delay but it's up and running so please take advantage of it to pay dues.   CSBA members can pay dues using PayPal from the "View Profile" button on the myCSBA page as well.   We'll also have it set up so you can pay for the feast day lunch using PayPal if you are planning on attending.

In my May message, I mentioned that CSBA member, Marlene Robershaw, was heading out to Ustica.   You can view Marlene's travelogue with tons of great photos at her website.   Click HERE to get there.   Thanks for sharing, Marlene!


Other outstanding business ....

The board decided to take no action on participation in the AIFSE (see 2nd President's message 2012).   We don't have the resources right now to actively participate with this group but we can address the issue again if in the future, someone from our group can devote the time and effort.

The ability to add documents to the UGH database has not yet been addressed (see 1st President's message 2012).   It should be pretty easy to do but I just need time to test and implement.


Chris Caravella

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