Ustica DNA

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Posted by Al Schweikert on 21 JAN 2014 16:8:29

I was wondering if anyone with Usticesi heritage had tried the DNA test yet. The area of the Palermo Province saw many visitors and was inhabited by many ethnic groups. In the history of Ustica and Lipari, Barbarossa or Redbeard the Turkish Pirate, wiped out the islands inhabitants and King Charlemagne (circa 1500) sent ships of Spanish immigrants to populate Lipari, and then took about 100 of those immigrants to populate Ustica. I recently received my test results back to find an 11% Spanish, 25% Greek/Italian and 8% Saudi/Iran/Iraq/Turkey DNA mix to me. My family tree contains, Segreto, Manfre, Barbara, Palmisano and Bertucci.

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