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Posted by diane dempsey on 3 FEB 2014 1:7:14

Al, I did dna quite a few years ago using the Sorenson lab which ancestry uses. Anyway, think Manfre is in my tree but have to check. My Ustica family name is Taranto. A Taranto married a Lavia but seems like the Lavia family was not from Ustica. Research indicates it is a Spanish surname. There was I believe a Spanish military fort on Lipari. percentage were given. My most dominant ethnic groups were Spanish and Berber (Atlas Mountains, Morocco). Considering I have more great grandparents and gg grandparents from Ireland than Sicily this was a surprise particularly since I had no dna markers in Ireland --- or in Italy/Sicily. I knew about the Bourbons and the Arab/North African occupation of Sicily (7th Century); but seems like the Spanish were in Ireland too (before the Armada and its subsequent stories). Researchers recently have given validity to the lore that the Spanish Celts from northwest Spain settled in Ireland in BC timeframe and also Berber influence in the Celtic language and dna. -Irish you could very well have a double dose of Spanish and Arab/Berber dna. Gives some thought to the local Italian-Irish parade (Spanish-Berber parade?). Besides being very informative,dna results can also provide some entertainment.... began researching Berbers in Sicily and southern Italy--seems like quite a few Roman emperors had Berber roots (before the Arab Muslims conquered north African Berbers). Then there were the Arabs in Spain for centuries. I attended a Basque meeting at the East Jeff library -- very interesting many Italian names are Spanish Basque. The speaker thought that perhaps my mother's family name Lavia was Spanish Basque which brings me to a question: come from -- ? I am waiting to see if ancestry can now translate my results to percentages (had small Iranian and Albanian markers).

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