Re: Port Closing correction & Search for Francesca Gumina, La Greca's and Anna Ingargiola,

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Posted by stanley najolia on 14 JUL 2004 17:55:25

on July 14, 2004 at 17:55:25:

Hello Marilyn. Saw your message to me about New Orleans port closings in the 1860s. Mr Chris
Caravella's stato civile list shows Anna Bertucci Ingargiola on Ustica April 30, 1862 and husband Cristopher as a "resident of America ". This was the date of record of the death at age 1 of their son, Francesco.Documentation shows Cristopher in New Orleans in 1862 . Since their next child Rosa was born in New Orleans on June 20, 1869 (her marriage name was Gumina ...Omner ) I suspect the November 1868 date that Rosa said was an important date to her was the date of her arrival in New Orleans...( November 1868 to the birthdate of Rosa in late June 1869 would be the pregnancy period give or take a couple of weeks). Given the large family that Anna and Cristopher were to have, I doubt that a span from 1st child born in 1861 to 2nd child in 1869 would have been likely if Anna and Cristopher were together prior to her arrival in New Orleans in 1868. Thanks for your message and feel free to stay in touch. Your input is always welcome .

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