BREAKTHROUGH! Barraco in San Jose

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Posted by Bill Principe on 12 AUG 2004 22:57:16

You may have found a real breakthrough in explaining the San Jose usticese.

I believe that this Andrew Borroco is probably the Andrea Barraco born 23 Aug 1840, son of Giacomo Barraco (b. 1801, d. 7 Jun 1881) and his second wife Rosa Rao. He would have been 30 years old in the 1870 census. My great-grandmother Anna Barraco (b. 29 Aug 1852, d. 15 Aug 1932 San Jose) was his first cousin, the daugh ter of Giacomo's brother Fedele and his wife Angela Bonanno.

The exciting thing is that this would explain why Anna and her husband Vincenzo Messina headed for San Jose instead of New Orleans (or Australia!). It seems her cousin Andrea had been there for at least 22 years, and could offer them a foothold in a new land.

My next step is to try to find Andrew's death record in Santa Clara County , to see if his parents are named. Also, I wonder if I can find his burial record, or his immigration record.

I know you are related to the Desimones. Are you related to the Barracos?

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