Re: BREAKTHROUGH! Barraco in San Jose

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Posted by Gay Lyon on 13 AUG 2004 15:03:21

Gee, Chris, I don't know why.You've only transcribed 80 years of Ustica records, census records from 52 Usticesi families in New Orleans in 1880, organizd San Bartolomeo events, and updated the website; it's not like you've been busy, or anything!Surely, now that you're done with the Ustica and New Orleans data, you want to start on Califoria. ;-)
Unfortunately, I don't think there IS easy access to California data.A lot of places didn't keep good records in the mid-1800's, and the nineteenth century records that do exist tend to be kept locally.Most of what I've found I've gotten on the Internet or through "the kindness of strangers."Even though I live in California, I'm still 400 miles from San Jose (of course, that's closer than the 3000+ miles it is from New Orleans).I 'm hoping to be able to make a trip to San Jose one of these days to see the history collection in their library.
California was built as much upon agriculture as on gold, and I'm beginning to see what a large role Usticesi (and other Italian immigrants) played in that agriculture.

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