Re: BREAKTHROUGH! Barraco in San Jose/ Two possible leads

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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 18 AUG 2004 00:59:53

Chris: Here are 2 possible leads. First, Angela Natoli, who works at City Hall in Ustica is related to Mini Barraco who resided in San Jose. I met Angela at Rosa Petrossi's home in New Orleans around 1976 when she returned from visiting her "great aunt" Mini in San Jose.
Second: Fred Laurice's first cousin, Warren Lauricella (who descended from Giuseppe Lauricella who settled in San Francisco) , told me prior to his death about 3 yrs. ago that he was related to a former police chief of San Francisco named "Barca." It was a coincidence, because I was telling him that I know Chief Barca's son, Charlie Barca. I will contact Charlie to see if his name was changed from Barraco and if they had relatives in San Jose.

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