Re: Joseph Desimone, Ustica to San Jose, CA

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Posted by chris caravella on 05 JUN 2003 13:17:44

Hi Gay,I love a challenge especially when it involves early Usticesi immigrants!I found the civil marriage license application for your ggp.It's dated March 25, 1856.The names, oddly enough, are G∆emone and Mary Loff.It was done by the 2nd justice of the peace, Charles M Bradford and presented to the Rev M. Poyet.Especially of interest is the witness, Dominique Verdigets, AKA Domenico Verdichizzi, Dominick Virgets.I have long held that he is the first Usticesi to come to NO based on his 1848 marriage.I can also get a copy of Giuseppe's 1827 birth on my next trip to the LDS FHC.I have also done extensive research for Usticesi surnames in the pre-civil war ship lists of NO.I've done 1861 throu 1846 and have found only one DiSimone, Calogero DiSimone, age 19 of Sicily, o nboard the Bark Francesco arriving in NO on January 14, 1848 from Palermo.He is probably your ggf's brother, Charles.Charles is a common English replacement for Calogero and the age matches perfect ly with his 1829 birth.I'll send all in an e-mail.

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