Re: Joseph Desimone, Ustica to San Jose, CA

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Posted by Gay Lyon on 06 JUN 2003 14:31:24

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! I had just seen Giuseppe Disimone, born 30 Nov 1827 (missed it the first time because of the Disimone/Desimone shift), and came to the message board to report my success, and found your reply.My friends would tell you I'm not a terribly demonstrative person, but I'm just so excited. Chris, you are amazing, you're my hero.
I have so many questions.I'm a little unsure in reading the lineage reports on the Disimone page: am I right that Salvadore & Concetta had children 1. Rosalia, 2. Francesca, 3. Rosa, 4. Giuseppa, 5. Calogero, 6. Francesco, 7. Rosa, 8. Marianna, 9. Salvadore, 10. Concetta, 11. Maria Rosa, 12. Maria Rosa, 13. Felice, 14. Concetta, 15. Maria Teresa, 16. Maria Teresa, 17. Maria Rosa, 18. Salvadore, 19. Rosalia, 20. Marianna, 21. Rosaria, 22. Rosaria, 23. Rosalie, 24. Maria Rosa?
My Joseph and Maria's firstborn son was named Salvadore, and my great-grandmother was Maria Concheta, so that adds up, too.
Do you think there are descendants of Salvadore & Concetta DiSimone on Ustica today?It would really be something to make contact with them.
I would love it if you could help me get a copy of the birth record.I have a Family History Center within driving distance, but after looking at the sample record on this website, I don't know if I could locate the one I need.I have little experience with microfilm and no Italian (but I was ready to try!).
I'm babbling.I think I'll come back when I've calmed down and can write a bit more coherently.

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