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Posted by Al Schweikert on 06 SEP 2005 21:54:42

Andrea was my great grandfather, a butcher by trade.I know the Barbera name in our family tree and have a document with Giuseppa's name from Sciacca, Sicily.All the Segreto's came from Ustica.Mark (36 W Park Pl), Salvador (Gillen St, Metairie), Ola (Saint John Street) and Angelo (Transcontinental Dr, Metairie), are all current residents of the N.O area and we believe are all related.We tr ied to reach them after the storm to no avail.We knew there was another Segreto but they were unlisted, so it's probably James, and we appreciate the information.My mother Theresa Segreto is a nurse, and has eleven children, and twenty grandchildren.I am a medical researcher and a mayor in NJ.We all lived through 9/11 and know the pain of tragedy.We want to help if you know of a way we can reach out, it would be appreciated.Can we do anything for you?

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