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Posted by tony on 16 APR 2008 6:52:6

I am a decendent of Vincenzo Panicola of the town in the providence of Trapani on the island of Sicily. A town were all of my cousins come from. The town is called Marsala. foot on the moon. Panicola (My great grand father) had six brothers. Four came to the U.S. Three stayed in Marsala. also settled in N.Y All decendants of the names above I know. guide did a search and it confirmed my theory the desendants of the three brothers that stayed in Marsala are also my cousins whom I never met. I tried to email some of them before I got to Marsala, but there was no response My cousins are all over the U.S. and are all doing well. A vision the four brothers hoped for their future generations.

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