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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 27 SEP 2008 1:23:53

Larry: at the Main Library in New Orleans and the Jefferson Parish library. They may be in other areas, dont know. any that you wish for a nominal fee. I began looking at some in the late 1850's, not many, but there are some in 1860 & 61. The port was closed during the civil war. The ships from Palermo began arriving again in 1865 or 66. All ships left from Palermo, the two that carried mostly Ustica passengers is the Elizabetta, the Catarina. There are a couple of others rarely. ships carried residents of one town, so if you find the names of Usticesi, mostly all of the passengers are from Ustica. ships had many passengers, perhaps were steam ships rather than sailing ships. Dont know the year the ships began landing in New York rather than New Orleans.
Good luck with your search.

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