Re: Why did so many immigrate from Ustica to New Orleans

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 29 APR 2004 08:49:57

I've heard a few theories on that.One is that overpopulation on the island forced many to seek a better life elsewhere.The other I heard most recently from Marilyn Barbera.She says that the folks on Ustica were pro-Garibaldi (favoring unification) unlike most of Sicily.Faced with the threat of having their sons conscripted into the army to fight Garibaldi, some Usticesi shipped their sons off to America.Why the first brave souls wound up in New Orleans is unknown but once established here others from Ustica naturally followed to be amongst friends in a strange new place.They truly formed a "colony" here and that made it even easier for others seeking opportunity to follow.Also don't forget that large Usticese communities also formed in Violet, Marrero, Kenner and St Rose.

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