Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica

San Ferdinando Re Church

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The Church is a beautiful structure though somewhat masked by the luxurious ficus trees growing in the elevated Piazza Vito Longo directly in front of the church.  As in most small towns, it is the pulse of the town.  The bells ring every half hour and the blue neon cross can't be missed at night.  Mass is held every day at 6 in the evening before dinner which is generally from 7 to 8:30.  The church was built int the 1780's to replace the old monastery church.

Detail of the unique abstract ceramic statuary which adorns the face of the church.

The elegant and cavernous interior of the Church.  The staute over the altar is Christ as King, a medieval depiction of Jesus.  In the apse to the left is the statue of San Bartolomeo which has long been a familiar image to members of the San Bartolomeo Society of New Orleans.


Me and Padre Alessandro Monzone at the rectory which is the building directly to the right of the church.  Padre Alessandro is a very dedicated and passionate priest.  He wore his "Peter and Dolly" t-shirt every time I saw him.

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