Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica

The City

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Actually it's a small town on a small island only 9 miles across, so the name Ustica refers to both.  The town center consists of the church to the furthest north, followed by Piazza Vito Longo and Piazza Umberto I.  Along the east and west sides of the piazzas are small pastry shops, bars, mini-marts, barbers, tourist shops and other businesses.  To the south is the steep winding road that leads down to the port.  Residential homes radiate out from the town center.  Most hotels are near the port or along the coast.  Tiny buses that seat about 9 people leave every half hour from the south end of Piazza Umberto I and circle the island in both directions.  A round trip is just 85 cents.  Still, many residents have small cars, and motor scooters are everywhere. 

Go to these pages for more stories, street scenes and pictures of people I met along the way.

Colorful tiles adorn the fence posts at Piazza Vito Longo.  Ceramic tiles and murals are common throught the city giving it a festive Mediterranean flair.  Keep an eye out for the many murals which appear in the city photographs.
A typical Usticesi street scene.  This street runs off of Via Confini, a major street traversing the town from east to west, and lying behind the church.  Smaller streets like the one shown here become parking lots for cars and scooters.  Often on steeper streets, the road turns into a staircase to accomodate the grade.   Street names also tells the history of Ustica.  Confini refers to "the confined", those political prisoners which were kept on Ustica through much of the town's past.
The east side of Piazza Vito Longo.  The church lies to the left.  It is in this row of buildings that my 3rd great grandfather lived and operated a cobbler shop in the early 1800's. 

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