Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica

More Coastal Spots

Grotta Segreta is one of the few coastal caves that you can walk to.  Its location is not marked and you have to maneuver over scoglie to get to it. The hotels regularly lead tours to the spot.  The combination of the black rock and diffused sunlight from openings to the ocean creates the intense blue color of the water.  Stick your hand in and even your skin appears to be blue. The floors and walls of the cave are smooth and full of small holes drilled into the rock by sea creatures, all evidence of pre-historic times when the sea level was much higher.
Cala Sidoti lies north of the Spalmatore tower.  It is a rather large beach but again no sand.  At least the pebbles here are small, so streching out on a towel or walking along the shore isn't that uncomfortable.  This photo was taken on a blustery morning and the waves made even swimming a chore.  When the water is calm, you don't really need foot protection in the water but there are lots of uneven surfaces and some clams attached to the rock can cut your feet.


The south end of Cala Sidoti gives way to easily accessible pools.  These are fun to walk through and explore for sea life.

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