Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica


Map of Ustica  
Spalmatore is the other side of Ustica away from the bustle of the city.  This is the swimming area where the rocky cliffs give way to craggy rocks, called scoglie, which gently roll into the sea.  There are a few pebble beaches with easy access and a multitude of small protected pools that require a little more effort to get to.  Some areas have paved ramps which serve as sunning areas.  A restricted coastal area maintained by the Marine Reserve is reserved for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.  No boats or fishing are allowed in the zone marked by large yellow buoys.  Swimming areas are marked by smaller red buoys connected together by a rope.  You can get off of and get onto the buses anywhere along the coastal road.
A rare blustery morning view of the lighthouse at Spalmatore.  By noon the skies were clear but the waves were still kicking up.

The Spalmatore tower is a twin of the Santa Maria tower near town.  This tower houses offices of the Marine Reserve.   They also have a visitors center in town on Piazza Umberto I.

A secluded pool across from the tower.  It measures about 15 feet across and was protected from waves making it a perfect snorkel spot for a novice like me.  The beach was more cobbly than pebbly and climbing over the scoglie shredded the bottom of my sandals.  The pool contained lots of algae, sponges, anemones, small snails and a few fish.  Tiny transparent shrimp were brave enough to graze across my body.  I also saw an unusual crab tucked into a crevice and a few sea urchins.

The incredibly clear blue waters along the coast heading towards the lighthouse.  I chose to walk along the road and enjoy the coastal views rather than wait in one spot for the bus.

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