Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica

Municipal Office

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Towards the back of town along Via Petriera is the beautiful municipal office, the seat of government for the comune di Ustica.  This building was once the University of Ustica which was begun by some of the political prisoners who wanted a better education for their children and those of the local population.  Since it's colonization in the 1760's until after World War II, Ustica was used to confine dissidents.

Attilio Licciardi, mayor of Ustica.

Angela Natale busy certifying birth records from the archives.  Her phone is always ringing and she never stops. 


Federica Casamento getting a vehicle tag for her scooter.

On the way to the municpal office, we stopped to visit with Vito's aunt.  Her home is shrouded by a grapevine that has a trunk the size of a tree.  Grape clusters can be seen in the upper right hand corner.

Angelina Ailara, the oldest resident of Ustica at 99 years, relaxing under the grapevine trellis.

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