Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica

Piazza Umberto I

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This is the center of town where everyone meets to lounge at a trattoria or or simply relax at the many benches along the piazzas edge.  Vehicular traffic is restricted at times to accomodate pedestrians.  The piazza is always alive with activity and it's hard to walk through without meeting someone you just have to stop and chat with.
Photo taken from Piazza Vito Longo.  The  large stand of ficus trees down the piazza and to the left marks the location of Piazza Maddalena.  In Piazza Maddalena, there is a large stainless steel stand with a scale.  This is used by the fisherman to sell their catch each morning.

Vincenzo Caminita and Pietro D'Angelo stroll through the piazza..  Note the elaborate lamppost in the background.  The symbol in the base is a face with three bent legs encircling it. It denotes the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, which was the governing body of Ustica before Italy was unified in the 1860's.
Giuseppa DiLorenzo and her mother, Rosalia Lauricella, relax outside "T-Shirt Mania".  Giuseppa runs the T-shirt and ceramics shop at the foot of the piazza. 
The Favaloro family - Delia, Roberta, Viviana and Giovanni.  The whole family pitches in at their barber shop.

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