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Posted by Stanley Najolia on 05 MAY 2004 14:10:23

I found your reasons for Ustichesi migration to New Orleans very informative. Since you and I share a connection through our Ingargiola-Bertucci great grandparent and grandparent ancestors, I have a question related to your story. My great grandfather Christopher Ingargiola was in New Orleans in 1861 and 1862 according to the muster roll for the European Brigade compiled by Mr. Caravella. His wif e Anna Bertucci was in Ustica at this time and the Stato Civile for April 30, 1862 records the death of his son Francesco, age 1, with Christopher listed as "a sailor and resident of America ". Although Christopher had been to New Orleans several times prior to this, it means he was in Ustica at least until August 1860. He would not have been on the February 1860 Italian ship you show arriving in New Orleans but he could have been on the March 7,1861 ship that brought your grandfather to New Orleans. Do your records show Christopher as a passenger ? He would be age 29 that year and he could be one of the older men you show accompanying the teenagers. Since this was the last ship allowed in before the Mississippi River was blockaded by Union warships, if he was not on that ship I have to conclude he arrived sometime late 1860 or early 1861 on someother vessel. Just curious if you might know .Also I heard Christopher returned to Ustica to bring Anna with him rather than send for her a nd their second child, Rosa was born in New Orleans in June 1869. Rosa was to marry an Omner (Gumina)as you know.One more question, in a prior message you said Christopher and Anna were to take care of two Bertucci brothers who eventually died of yellow fever in Louisiana. I don't think Anna was in America until after the Civil War ended so I am curious who these two boys are and when they died , if you know. Thanks for being so knowledgable about the family !!

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