Spano/Palmisano Families

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Posted by Cherri Brewer on 1 MAR 2008 18:51:33

What a joy to find this web page on a snowy New England winter day. I have been looking for over ten years for some of this information. Thank you to one and all who have shared. My g grandmother, Anna Spano was born on Ustica in 1876, first daughter, second child of Guiseppe and Grazia Palmisano, she was named after her father's first wife, Anna Pittari, who died in 1872 in NO. Her father was the youngest son of Felice and Angela Fallo (daughter of Guiseppe and Maria Martello). Apparently Anna's mother, Grazia, was the second child, first daughter of her parents: Guiseppe, son of Guiseppe and Angela Manfre; and Rosa Mattina daughter of: Giuseppe and Grazia Palmisano. little family came to NO in 1878 in time for the birth of Angela (Lena) Dec. 28th., and Joseph Jr. in Dec. 1881. The last two boys, Thomas & Antone, are believed to have been born in Los Angeles where the family lived for a time in the San Pedro area. Anna married my g grandfather, John Lee DeJarnatt, in 1890 (yes, at about 14) in the LA area (I have a wedding photo of them). Lena was married there as well to a man named Eachus (?). By the age of 60, in 1900, gg grandpa Joseph Spano was in Fresno County with all his sons, owned a 106 acre vineyard, and employed 208! This property, the Spano River Ranch, along with an additional 400+ acres obtained by his descendants working the land over the years has recently been sold to the San Joaquin River Parkway to preserve the open spaces along the river for generations to come.

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