Re: Spano/Palmisano Families

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Posted by Sharon Spahn on 15 JUL 2008 0:58:29

I'm new to this and a little confused. I'm trying to verify some information on Santa Palmisano (Parmessano) born in Ustica, August 23, 1843 ???, mother of John Famularo born in New Orleans Sept.7, 1877. Wife of Guiseppe Famularo (b.Sept. 24, 1839, Ustica- d.Dec. 21, 1917, 7227 Zimpel St., New Orleans) But the records say that they were married Aug 21, 1897, 20 years after their children were born (August, Mamie, Rose, Felix, etc.) If anyone has come across information in their own research that could help would you please contact me.

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