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Posted by John Maggiore on 30 NOV 2004 06:39:39

Rev. Palmisano was brother of my paternal grandmother,Raffaella , married to my grandfather Giusseppe Maggiore who came to N.O. in 1867at age 14.
I only saw "Uncle Tony the Preacher" once, in 1948 at my grandmother'swake.He was a very impressive , tall , nice looking senior citizen .My elder sister had a friend at LSU whose family was active in his 'Church of the Redemmer', as it was called inN.O. - --The building is stillthere and has beenusedas apartment(s)for some time now.. it is on Esplanade AVin N.O. , once a very prestige address and still graced with some beautiful old mansions .Have beenmeaning to get some photos of the building forsometime .. please contact if you ever get down here , but be forewarned; N.O. is one of most violent, dangerous citie s in USA ... I live inRiver Ridge, a suburb, which is in JeffersonParish ..about 20 minutesfrom downtown ..JOHN

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