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Posted by JohnA. Maggiore on 26 APR 2005 17:58:03

My grand uncle'sexperience with warning from black hand, etc. was news to me..had never heard that version.My paternal grandparents , Raffaella Palmisano married Giusseppe Maggiore and grandpa'ssister Margaret married thereverend.Remembermy dad mentioning that he had doublefirst cousins due to a brother & sister marrying a brother & sister .
VERY anxious to personally meet desc endants of Uncle Tony'sdirect line.They had a broher Pasquale who was crippled due to jumping lumber piles in Palmisano Wood & Coal yard.. doctor did a poor job of setting leg... he had sons, one of whom (Angelo) is listed in Who's Who of American musicians (guitar) .. remember Uncle P and two sons at our home in Kenner in 30s .. Uncle on mandolin and Angelo & other son on guitar and banjo/gu itar..Pleasecontact.. I live in River Ridge (5047376381)

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