Re: Planning trip to Ustica - Gumina Family

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Posted by Larie Tedesco on 27 AUG 2003 21:53:17

Hi Fran,
Judy Fallo Myer, Pat Fournier and I have just connected to Loella Barilleau of the Gumina family.Her great grandmother was Pauline Gumina married to Pasquale LaGreca, daughter of Antonino Gumina born 1830.
Judy, Pat & I are connected to Giuseppe Gumina that married Maria Cristina.Maria was the sister to Judy and Pat's grandmother, Louise Cristina Fallo and my grandmot her Rosa Cristina Tedesco.
There are two more Gumina's, brother and sister, Antonino and Marianna children of Giuseppe Gumina and Rosa Palmisano.Antonino married widow Maria Tedesco Seminara and Marianna married widower Giuseppe Tedesco.Maria and Giuseppe were brother and sister also.Maria and Giuseppe were half brother and sister to my grandfather Salvatore Tedesco that married Ros a Cristina.
Are you connected to these Gumina's?
Larie Tedesco

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