Re: Planning trip to Ustica - Gumina Family

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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 04 OCT 2003 07:20:54

To those tracing the New Orleans Guminas I am in the same line with Loella Barilleau, whom I do not know and have been enlightened by this web site. Thanks to all of the hard work of Chris Caravella.Pauline Gumina was my mother's aunt.My mother's mother was Rosalia Gumina who was married to Antonino Bertucci. Pauline's husband, Pasquale, had a saloon on Magazine St. and to my knowledge his name w as "Grego." He knew Mr. Commander of Commander's Palace, who was from Ustica also.(See Chris Caravella's publication on the origin of Commander's) Does anyone know what the name Pauline is in Italian? She had 2 daughters, Anna and Francis. Pauline and Rosalia Gumina had 2 brothers, Frank and Anthony Gumina (spelled Omner) in New Orleans.

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