Re: Planning trip to Ustica - Gumina Family

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 28 AUG 2003 09:48:03

Hi Fran,I was actually surprised to find a white pages listing for Gumina in Ustica. ( ) A lot of the Usticese surnames in the US don't exist on the Island any more.Try writing to the gentlemen as soon as possible.It could take a while for him to get it and respond. You won't regret making contact even if you can't connect your families.

Salvato re Gumina
Via Confusione, 9
90010 Ustica (PALERMO)

BTW, my gg-gm was Carmela Gumina husband of Vincenzo Mascari.They never made it over to the US but many of their children and grandchildren did.

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