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Posted by Chancey W. Walker 111 on 8 APR 2010 8:29:34

Roxann, not wanted by her Mother, Jessie. the terrible life she led as a young child, I truly mean terrible. My Father told me before he died that My Mother was passed from family to family member and was often referred to as "the Bastard". I think that the Nuns took her under their wings, so to speak, and she most probably got by with that attention.
name. member to die of leukemia. In one of my emails from another Palmisano cousin from the west coast,Leukemia must run in the family as he knew of another direct family member who died of it. He said the family called it "blood disease". I know that when my Mother was younger, she had anemia and had to eat liver for the iron. Later it went from low red blood cells to too many white blood cells ( leukemia). my Grandfather, I would greatly appreciate it if you would email me a copy. I would like to see what he looked like.

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