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Posted by Chancey W. Walker 111 on 9 APR 2010 16:20:18

Roxann, March 29th. Did she not respond? by this, but believe me, it's true. Joseph was my Mother's Father. I have many relatives, who are still living in Gretna and the surrounding area who know all about it. who lives in Gretna and several other relatives have lived in the NO-Gretna area since the early 1800's. My Grandmother, Jessie, had other sisters, Celina, Edna,Lutzi. The Eiswirth are an old family in Gretna. Brian, and Gary are Detectives on the NO Police Force. Gary's wife is also with the NO Police. two from the Palmisanos. They went to the same church and my Mother went to Catholic School there. for 50 years this Sept. 17th. I have three children and five Grandchildren.
my oldest Daughter is 47 and is recovering from Breast cancer. My oldest Granddaughter is 17 years old. My son, Michael, just had his first child last January, a little girl, Madison Lee. told me that there was a Senator that I was related to. Do you know who that might be? one of the regulatory boards for Virginia. I served them for 8 years. I have been active in Republican politics in recent years and have been asked to serve Virginia again as a board member. I would like to serve again, but i'm not sure I have the energy I had in 1992-2000. of my family and email to you. I have a wonderful, loving family and we are all close. we moved all over the US on a regular basis. I have lived in Virginia, Rhode Island( Newport and Middletown), Alabama( Mobile and Dothan, California( San Franciso, Oakland and San Diego). you later.

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