Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica

Baseball Field

Map of Ustica

Baseball is bigtime sports in Ustica and the women's softball team won the series A2 championship game while I was there.  It was a tense game that was scoreless into the last inning.  Clelia Ailara, Vito's daughter, scored the winning point on a steal to home when the catcher for the other team lost control of the ball for the second time.  The team and crowd of about 200 (that's 1/5 of the population) erupted in joy.  The victory appeared in the Sicilian newpaper the next day - and I was there!  Congratulations to the team and their coach, Franco Lauricella.  Clelia will also play on the Italian team at the Olympics in Sydney, Australia next summer.  What a great honor for Ustica!

Franco Lauricella extends an invitation to anyone of Usticesi descent who wishes to play on either the men's or women's teams.    What an offer - spend a year travelling around Italy playing on a world class baseball team.  You'll be treated like royalty and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Ustica is up to bat.  At a tense moment everyone flocks to the fence.  Seating is a single stone ledge along a stone wall.  
Nicola Longo and Vito Ailara enjoying the game.  Both men have daughters on the team.  
Ustica is victorious!  The team crowds together in joy and the field is rushed.  

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