Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica


Tramontana is the wide flat plain on the northern part of Ustica.  This is "the country".  Homes here are either summer homes or small farms.  As is the tradition in Sicily, most families have a city home and a country home.  The country home is a summertime escape from the heat and smog of the city.  Farms here grow grapes, cactus (to eat), almonds, peaches, pears and various other edible plants suited to the Mediterranean climate.

Nicolo Longo is a local wine maker who sells his wine commercially.  He and his wife Marissa have a farm in Tramontana along the northern coast.  The place is more like a huge garden than a farm.  The variety of fruits, vegetables and nut trees that grow there is incredible.

View of Tramontana at sunset from the west side of the island.  The mountain is Falconiera.

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