Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica


Map of Ustica

Culunnedda is an archeological site situated high atop the Guardi dei Turchi mountain in the center of the island.  This site has not been excavated or developed for tourism.  Still, the walls of a habitation are clearly evident and a few exquisite tombs are exposed.  The site was probably a Bronze age habitation dating back some 4,000 years.

The tree-lined nature trail that leads from the back of the city to the top of the Guardi dei Turchi mountain. 

Vito leads me through the overgrown walls of the ancient habitation.  Pottery shards litter the paths.

Entrance to two side-by-side tombs.  First a hole was dug into the ground, then the chamber was dug into the side of the hole.  A covering was carefully crafted to shut off the opening.  The piece of rock left in this opening is original.

Another great view of the city.

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