Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica

The Grottos

Map of Ustica
The Grottos are one of Ustica's main tourist attractions.  Tours are aboard small wooden boats which can easily maneuver in the tight spaces of the grottos.  You do have to lay flat to get under some ledges but the grottos do not feel confining once inside.  The grottos only extend inward enough to get the boat in.   If you're daring enough then dive right into the sea.  Your body will appear blue in the water and there are often smaller grottos that you can squeeze into for more speactular sights.  Many natural pools are near the grottos and are great for snorkeling.
Grotta della Pastizza has an easy clearance overhead.  The crystal blue waters are unbelievable.

Inside Grotta Azzurra.  Now there's a low clearance.  From a photo, it's hard to get a true appreciation of the intense blue water in this grotto.  The Hotel Grotta Azzurra is built completely surrounding the grotto entrance.

The rich coloration of the algae encrusted rock gives Grotta Verde its name.  
Rounding Punta Cavazzi at the southwestern edge of Ustica.  This boat trip took us completely around the island on a liesurely four hour tour.

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