Chris Caravella's Virtual Tour of Ustica
Welcome to my tour of Ustica.  I spent 6 incredible days in September 1999 on the Island in the good company of Vito Ailara, Maria Palmisano and Rosa Caravella.  To my hosts, I owe a unending debt of gratitude.  Through their generosity and patience, I have collected the photographs and stories you are about to experience.  This past year has been remarkable.  What started out as genealogic curiosity, has evolved into rewarding friendships with people from Ustica and many descendants of Usticesi in my hometown, New Orleans, and across the U.S.  This website is my gift to all of you and I hope you will be encouraged to make the journey yourself someday.
Chris Caravella

Pietro Petrossi and myself

Vito Ailara

Maria Palmisano

Rosa Caravella

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