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OK, so who's ready to go to Ustica.  I'm ready and I'd like to be your guide.  I think it would be great to put together a package tour and have as many of us as possible make the trip together - a grand reunion at Ustica.  My next opportunity will be early summer 2001.  Look over the details from this page and start budgeting now.  Of course, I'd also be glad to help anyone who wants to go on their own.  Send me e-mail and I can arrange a warm welcome for you when you arrive. The Flight
This is the big cost item. I used Expedia, Microsoft's online travel agency.  You can put in all kinds of different scenarios and they will list the best prices they can get for you.  Prices can vary by 15% depending on the time of year.  November through March is the off season but then the weather in Ustica is poor and many sites and services will not be available.  Here are some details of my flight. The total cost was $904.51
Flight Travel Time Layover
New Orleans to New York 2 hours 51 minutes 1 hour 24 minutes
New York to Milan 7 hours 45 minutes 50 minutes
Milan to Palermo 1 hour 35 minutes  
  Total Travel Time 14 hours 35 minutes
Palermo to Milan 1 hour 35 minutes 55 minutes
Milan to New York 8 hours 55 minutes 3 hours 35 minutes (yeesh!)
New York to New Orleans 1 hour 16 minutes  
  Total Travel Time 16 hours 16 minutes
Getting to Palermo from the Airport
The airport is 22 miles to the west of Palermo.  The most cost effective way to get to Palermo is by bus.  I'm not sure of the cost.  I've been told to get there by cab is about $60.  I was met by Caravellas from Partinico so I did not experience this part of the trip.
Getting to Ustica from Palermo
This is the tricky part because the schedule will vary by time of year and weather conditions.  The boat always makes the trip but the hydrofoil will not travel in bad weather.  Check the Siremar website for current schedules.  It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to make the 35 mile trip by hydrofoil and costs $18.  By conventional boat the trip takes 2 hours and 20 minutes and costs $10.   I arrived at the airport in the morning and caught the hydrofoil that same day in the evening.
The following tables are from Osteodes, an Usticese Travel Agency.  They can be reached at:
Osteodes S.R.L.
Via Magazzino
5-90010 Ustica (PA)
Tel: 091-8449210
I beleive full board means meals are included.  This is not everything available but it should give you an idea of what costs to expect. 

I stayed at Pensione Clelia.  I had a bathroom with a tiny shower, but everything in Italy tends to be smaller than in America.  The food at Trattoria Clelia was incredible.

Of course, staying with family or friends is the way to go in Italy if you can arrange it.  The hospitality is outstanding and you will want for nothing. 

There are many apartments and country houses also for lease.  Lots of people sort of time-share their property in Ustica while they live in other parts of Italy.  These prices are weekly rates.
Apartments A
Jan 1 to Jun 5
Sep 18 to Dec 31
Jun 5 to Jun 26
Sep 4 to Sep 18
Jun 26 to Jul 24
Aug 28 to Sep 4
Jul 24 to Jul 31
Jul 31 to Aug 7

Aug 7 to Aug 28
single $194 $233 $306 $389 $433 $467
double $233 $333 $489 $591 $656 $733
Hotel Grotta Azzura
V. Cristofaro Colombo
90010 Ustica (PA)
Tel: 844 90 48, 844 93 96, 844 95 67, or 844 95 68
Hotel Grotta Azzurra is the top of the line Hotel in Ustica.  It probably is the closest to approach what most Americans are accustomed to in hotel accomodations. 
Season Half
Full Board 10 days 14 days
Half Full Half Full
A May 22 to Jun 26
Sep 4 to Sep 18
$78 $89 $74 $85 $70 $80
B Jun 26 to Jul 3
Aug 28 to Sep 4
$89 $100 $85 $96 $80 $90
C Jul 3 to Jul 31
Aug 21 to Aug 28
$103 $114 $98 $109 $93 $103
D Jul 31 to Aug 21 $128 $139 $122 $133 $115 $125
Small hotels and boarding houses are the most economical choices. 
Pensione Season Half Board  Full Board 
7 V. Magazzino
90010 Ustica (PA)
Tel: 844 90 39
Low Jan 1 to Jun 1
Oct 1 to Dec 31
$31 $42
Mid Jun 1 to Jul 24
Sep 1 to Sep 30
Easter Week
$42 $53
High Jul 25 to Aug 31 $49 $61
Hotel Season Half Board  Full Board
Stella Marina
33 Via C. Colombo
90010 Ustica (PA)
Tel: 844 93 25
Low Jan 1 to Jun 17
Aug 28 to Dec 31
$44 $48
High Jul 17 to Aug 28 $55 $61
Hotel Patrice
23 V. Refugio
90010 Ustica (PA)
Tel: 844 90 53
Low Jan 1 to Jun 17
Aug 28 to Dec 31
$46 $48
High Jul 17 to Aug 28 $53 $58

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